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Week 9

Week 9 once again marks the end of a semester. Finishing the project and polishing technical debts lead us to look back at the work we did. This blog got a bit longer. Here is a table of contents for you: Important Links Blogs Semester 3 Week 0: Vision Week 1: Technical Stack Week 2:Continue reading “Week 9”

Week 8

This week we used metrics to rate our existing code and learn about possible improvements. The purpose of metrics Metrics are used to locate critical parts of code. Information like Test-Coverage or possible vulnerabilities can be found when analysing code. As always there are multiple tools designed just for this purpose. The variety of toolsContinue reading “Week 8”

Week 7

This week we worked out possible benefits of Software design patterns. There are many different kinds of patterns in programming. They enrich software by adding rules to architecture, code and goals of different projects. Enabling programmers to simplify their product and norm their architecture, helps to keep code clean, performant and readable. Using patterns onContinue reading “Week 7”

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